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Advice & Support

With so many ways of communicating now available, getting the right information has never been easier. We can be contacted by telephone, email, letter, online form, and are always ready to provide assistance and information.

If you have a question about a potential new system, or even an existing one we are happy to assist you in understanding, planning and maintaining that system.

Design & Planning

Careful planning of your new system is vital to ensure that you get the system that will meet both your current and future needs.

We understand that churches have a real responsibility to be good stewards of the money given, and can assist in ensuring that as well as obtaining a quality system, you also achieve value for money.

Supply, Installation & Commissioning

We offer a complete service from supply through to final commissioning.

We are experienced in installing systems in just about every style and type of building and our engineers work effectively and respectfully at all times.

Such is our expertise that we even provide engineering and installation staff to other well-established installation companies.

Advice and support are offered free of charge to any church, whether they have purchased equipment from us or not.


Full training is always given on any installed system. What use is having even the best system in the world if nobody is able to use it?

Normally this would be carried out on conclusion of the installation, but by arrangement a different time could be chosen to ensure that the people who need the training are able to receive it.

Service & Maintenance

We provide service and maintenance to all our systems, and a great deakl of other audio-visual equipment.

As well as servicing our own equipment, we also provide an on-site maintenance and servicing facility for churches to call on, even when we have not supplied the original system.

Mail Order Sales

We appreciate that there may be some items which do not need an installation service, or you have the expertise in-house to fit yourselves.

We offer all our products on a mail order basis.

If you are looking for an item to purchase then please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation. 




Tel: 01457  362  361


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