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What is an Induction Loop?


In very simple terms - An induction loop is a way of transmitting an audio signal so that it can be received by any hearing aid that is equipped with a 'T' or Telecoil position. This enables a signal to be received by the hearing aid wearer without also hearing the chairs scraping, people coughing, papers rustling that they would otherwise have to contend with



How does a somebody make use of the loop. 


A hearing aid user would switch their hearing aid to the 'T' or 'Telecoil' position. In some modern aids this is an automatic function. They would then hear the audio signal that is being transmitted. For no-hearing aid wearers an induction loop receiver may be used. This is a device which will pick up the induction loop signal, into which a set of headphones may be plugged.



What will I plug into the loop system?


The induction loop systems can accept a variety of input signals. In a meeting room, hall or auditorium a connection may be made to the sound system so that every signal that is broadcast via the sound system is also heard on the loop. In smaller rooms where no sound system is present then a dedicated microphone would be used for the loop.

in a communal or domestic lounge a connection to the TV may be made, along with a dedicated microphone for small gatherings etc.



Can I get more information?


We are happy to chat over your requirements, or even answer your queries about existing induction loop systems. Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and advise, not just to make a sale





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