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We offer advice and information on any aspect of hearing assistance systems and are happy to talk through any aspect of your requirements or look over plans and specifications, or even carry out on-site surveys to determine the best solution. Call us on 01457 362 361 to dicuss your project. Below are listed some of the most frequently used services we provide:


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We have experience is designing and engineering solutions for many different types of system.

From simple counter systems to low spill solutions for multiple rooms we have worked with the leading manufacturers worldwide in providing coswt-effective solutions.

Working with other trades and consultants allows our clients projects to progress smoothly and come in on budget. 


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We provide a full installation and commissioning service, including staff training.

Using only our own installation staff we can ensure the quality of our installations from first fix through to final commissioning.

We often integrate the loop systems with existing sound systems, televisions or AV solutions.

01457 362 361

Service, Maintenance and Testing

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System maintenance can be as important as the initial installation.
We can help with either an annual maintenance program or servicing on an as-required basis.

We provide annual testing and certification for many companies and councils throughout the UK.

Unfortunately we are often called in to investigate systems which have been installaled, but never worked properly from the time of initial installation. Our specialist engineers have the expertise and test equipment to diagnose and resolve any issue. 




Tel: 01457  362  361


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